Seafood Restaurant

"Aiolou68" serves selected dishes and fine wines in the most breezy and cute yard

Sea Food Restaurant Aiolou68

A calming palette of white and sky blue gives the restaurant the Greek island vibe

A little Mykonos lies hidden in the historic center of Athens, serving exceptional fish dishes at a radiant and warmly designed space.

A great seafood restaurant. It's absolutely worth a visit. Every, I mean every single dish is great. They combine cuisines, sometimes Greek with Korean and they are experimenting with spices and ingredients tastefully.
Lacisz M - Review Tripadvisor
Consistently providing the best seafood! I always visit this restaurant when i am visiting Athens and i am every time delighted by the food. Fresh seafood , always tasteful , excellent service and great value for money
Victoria S - Review Tripadvisor
Very nice dinner A bright glass house at the end of a dead end. A stunning place for a good restaurant. We (couple) had clamps (twice), marinated fishes, risoto and vert good wine ! Delicious food and very good service.
Benoit B - Review Tripadvisor
Great Seafood Restaurant. We loved this restaurant. The day we went, there were only locals with grandparents, parents and children. It seems to a local favorite. We ordered grilled shrimp, grilled octopus, grilled squid and tomato salad.
Arun S - Review Tripadvisor
What a must visit oasis in the middle of downtown Athens. Amazing sea food, great service and may I add very friendly indeed. A must visit restaurant if you are a local or fortunate enough to be visiting athens as a tourist. Loved the secluded location. Will definately visit again soon!
ioannisa969 - Review Tripadvisor
Aiolou68 Athens Restaurant

“Aiolou 68” is an idea of friends who wanted to create their own island in the center of Athens.


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